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PH papercrafts

Will of the Abyss 1, 2
Echo 1, 2
Reim 1, 2
Lotti 1, 2

Credit to Nihi for base.

Hitcher doll

I finished making it about two weeks ago but I was too lazy totally forgot to post the pictures. 
I used: wool, fabric, polymer clay and plastic(?) string (for the hair, since I didn't have any white yarn). And it has wire in arms and legs. 

The Spirit of Jazz doll

Last night I was really bored and (after failing to make a Sebastian polymer clay figure) khem, since I' found some yarn earlier I decided to make the Spirit of Jazz doll. I used black and reddish yarn, cotton wool and white fabric. For now, there're pins instead of buttons, but I plan to make some from polymer clay later. 

Pics?Collapse )

I can post the tutorial if anyone is interested in making one :D

Though now I need to find some green yarn. 

Boosh Necklace Tutorial

Yay for my first tutorial! Hope you'll like it ^^

Come with me now on a journey through polymer clay and nail polish...Collapse )

Kasane Teto

Kasane Teto pattern ^^

1, 2 (make the hair like this.)

Sha la la~ xD

Melissa Seraphy from Wagamama Capriccio. ^^

Pattern: 1, 2

I hope that after folding it will look like it should ><" xp


My printer run out of ink and it seems that it won't be replaced in the near future, so I won't be able to post the pics with patterns... Sorry Dx
But I'm wondering whether I should post only the patterns... though you wouldn't know how these ones look like, before you make them. Hm.

KHR papercrafts

PoT papercrafts

PH papercrafts, part 5